Join Socialist Party members at our End of Year Social on Wednesday, 17 December from 7.00 pm onwards. We are offering food, music and a chance to meet up with local campaigners, socialists, comrades and friends. Join us in Stroud where we`ve hired a great venue – the Black Book Café(Address: Black Book Café, The […]

The recently established Socialist Students at the University of Gloucestershire are celebrating their first victory in their ‘Students Before Profits’ campaign. The campaign aims to combat the influence of corporations on the university and improve the university facilities for students. Although there are cash machines on every campus, they charge £1.25 for each transaction, shoppers […]

Not long ago Brazil was regarded as an economy that was about to take off (one of what was called the BRIC states), now it is wracked by political, social and economic turmoil. Social movements are developing there and in other parts of Latin America. Discussion on Latin America led by Chris Moore

The miners’ strike of 1984-85 was the longest and most bitter industrial dispute in the latter part of 20th century Britain . It had a huge impact on virtually every subsequent industrial and political development.The strike leaders – foremost of whom was Arthur Scargill – are still vilified, despite the fact that their claims have […]

Hundreds of thousands are striking and marching for better pay. The thorny question of a political voice for this struggle is also on thousands of minds. The victory of ex-Tory Douglas Carswell for Ukip in Clacton, and the narrow shave for Labour in Heywood, have set many workers’ thoughts racing. But a brilliant by-election result […]

A “Yes” vote in favour of Scottish independence would represent the biggest constitutional crisis in Britain in decades, as well as a major political crisis. The growing support for independence must be seen in the context of the current social and economic crisis, especially the enormous unpopularity of all the Westminster parties. Ironically the so-called […]

A hail of death has roared down on Gaza for weeks. Working class people in Britain and worldwide are shocked and angered at images of Palestinian dead and injured. Children account for a quarter of all casualties. Over 460,000 people out of Gaza’s population of 1.8 million have been displaced by the Israeli Defence Force’s […]


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