On Monday 4th September McDonald’s workers took strike action for the first time ever in this country. These workers have set an inspiring example by organising to fight zero-hour contracts, low pay and bullying management. One of the strikers spoke of McDonald’s workers “all over the country, ready to stand up”. The organised working class […]

Chris Moore will be speaking on developments in the Middle East: the instability and devastation in the region as a consequence of various imperialist interventions including two US-led Gulf wars; how the lack of workers’ organisations and the weakness of the left has allowed reactionary forces to create bloody civil war in Syria and Yemen; […]

‘Theresa Dismay’, ‘Gamble backfired’. These are the headlines today in the scurrilous Sun and Daily Mail, right-wing rags that have spent the whole election campaign raining down vicious attacks on Corbyn in the vain hope of a Tory landslide. On the day the general election was called the Socialist Party declared: “If Corbyn fights on […]

Apart from Jeremy Corbyn & Owen Smith, two names featured frequently in the Labour Party’s leadership campaign –Blair and Trotsky. The leadership contest diverted attention away from the real issues facing working people, the youth, poor and unemployed. The bitter recriminations revealed the deep divisions of the Labour Party. Calling someone a Blairite became a […]

Some people still think that privatisation of the NHS is inconceivable. Yet for decades the Tories have targeted this sector, relentlessly increasing workloads, driving down wages and conditions, and privatising services. The NHS has been under a barrage of attacks and in 2012 new government legislation opened up the health sector to market forces. Since […]

In 1995, Tony Blair abolished Labour’s historic commitment to “common ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange”. Clause 4, Part IV of the party’s rules called for democratic public ownership; this was replaced with calls for the dynamic “enterprise of the market”, “the rigour of competition”, and “a thriving private sector”. The establishment […]

We will be asking – is Britain in the grip of a reactionary backlash?  What direction will the Labour Party take – and will Jeremy Corbyn be leading the fight against austerity? How can we show our continued opposition to austerity, cuts and racism? At a time when we should be preparing to kick out […]