Socialist Party meeting – Is Egypt facing a future of “bread, liberty & social justice” or one of civil war & military repression? – Thursday 8th August 7.30 pm, Barton Community Centre, 199 Barton St, Gloucester

The mass uprising in Egypt this June was a continuation of the January 2011 revolution for “bread, liberty and social justice”. Within three days, 20-25 million people had moved on to the streets, ‘Revolutionary Popular Committees’ were re-launched, and three industrial cities declared civil disobedience, with hundreds of independent unions calling for a general strike. There have been 5,544 demonstrations in the last few months. Around 63% of the Egyptian population feel they are worse off than before Morsi took power. Over 4,500 factories have closed down since his election.
Elected president Morsi was thrown out by a mass movement that clearly rejected the increasingly clerical and autocratic direction of the Muslim Brotherhood, but does this mean we should support the ousting of the new government by the military? Can the same military which maintained the old regime be entrusted with the defence of the movement for democracy in Egypt? Has the revolution completely stalled and is Egypt now facing an inevitable civil war?

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