Monthly Archives: September 2013

Socialist Party meeting – “Chile`s bloody coup in 1973: lessons for workers struggles today” – The Exchange, Brick Row, Stroud Thursday 26th September 7.30 p.m.

September 11th this year was the 40th anniversary of the  coup in Chile which brought to power the murderous regime of General Pinochet. The coup was planned and executed in the headquarters of the CIA and the White House, in collusion with the ruling elite in Chile and its armed forces. In its aftermath, thousands […]

Socialist Party meeting – Is there no alternative to the current system? Why we think CAPITALISM MEANS WAR & EXPLOITATION – Thursday 19 September 7.30 p.m. Vision 21, 30 St George’s Place, Cheltenham

This week`s meeting coincides with Fresher`s Fair – the venue is behind Cheltenham Central Library, which is in Clarence Street.

Gloucester protest against the privatisation of the probation service – Thursday 19th September

The government plans to privatise 70% of the Probation Service’s work to private companies such as G4S, Serco and Sodexo. This will include the supervision of medium risk offenders. Supervising offenders in the community is a highly skilled job and medium risk offenders are predominantly men convicted of violence, sexual offences, burglary, robbery and domestic […]

Socialist Party meeting – TRADE UNIONS TODAY – Wage cuts, zero hour contracts, austerity – Can the trade unions organise the fight back? – Thursday 12 September 7.30 p.m. Barton Community Centre, 199 Barton St, Gloucester

Lobby of the TUC conference in Bournemouth – Sunday 8th September 2013

Anyone is welcome to come to the lobby of the TUC`s annual conference in Bournemouth on Sunday 8th September 2013 – COACH FROM GLOUCESTER LEAVES 7.45AM OPPOSITE THE BUS STATION The National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) has organised this lobby, which calls upon the TUC to name the day for a 24-hour general strike – […]

PEOPLE’S HISTORY EVENT – 65 YEARS OF THE NHS – the history of the NHS & what the future holds

The NHS was created after World War II, when working class people were determined there’d be no return to the poverty, hunger, squalor & diseases of the 1930s. The ConDems are driving us back to those bleak years. The history of healthcare and the struggle to win a national health service has vital lessons for […]