Monthly Archives: March 2014

Public meeting of the Trade Union Socialist Coalition (TUSC) AGAINST Cuts

ARE YOU SICK OF THE MAIN PARTIES? TIRED OF POLITICIANS TELLING US ABOUT AUSTERITY? We need councillors who fight cuts, privatisation & austerity & we need an alternative to the pro-business parties – from Labour to the ConDems Gloucestershire has seen food bank usage double in a year – it has quadrupled in Cheltenham Unemployment […]

Tony Benn, Bob Crow & the prospects for a new workers party

The labour movement has been dealt a double blow, first losing the indomitable union leader, socialist and class fighter, Bob Crow and then Tony Benn. While it was widely known that Tony Benn had been unwell, this did not lessen the shock of his death.  In the 1980s he was the figurehead of the Labour […]

A tribute to Bob Crow

Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT) general secretary Bob Crow was an inspirational union leader and socialist whose death is tragic news to all of us. Our thoughts are with Bob’s family at this sad time. We pay tribute to a militant trade union leader who has inspired a whole generation of workers by winning […]