TUSC – The only anti-cuts choice in Stroud`s Valley Ward by-election on August 7th



Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts – On August 7th

Local mental health nurse, anti cuts campaigner and trade unionist.

As LOCAL CAMPAIGNERS, SOCIALISTS & TRADE UNIONISTS we’ve played a key role in battles to keep Gloucestershire hospitals & health services in the NHS, including Stroud hospital, petitioned & organised against the bedroom tax, protested at ATOS & fought for the rights of the disabled.

Now Lucy is standing as a councillor who promises to

Oppose cuts & privatisation of public services, health and education, as well as council housing.

– Support public sector workers, teachers & nurses in their efforts to maintain services and working conditions, pay and pensions.

– We have supported local teachers & probation officers fighting privatisation of these important services and will continue to support their strike action. Oppose attacks on benefits, wages, working conditions and pensions.

Instead of protecting important services & social housing, many councils opt for privatisation & cuts: sometimes holding off the worst, hoping that the general election in 2015 will save the day. But Ed Miliband has already said further cuts & austerity are inevitable. Meanwhile, we’re losing key amenities & funding of local groups & charities. Council services & housing are being outsourced. Increasingly, councils simply administer decisions made in Westminster by a coalition government representing the interests of a wealthy elite. (Like the five UK families who own as much as 12.9 million people).

Come and hear more


Wed 6th August

7.30pm at

The Cross Hands

(At the end of Summer Street)


Local councils are responsible for implementing the bedroom tax. Rent increases of 14-25% on homes deemed “under-occupied” have caused great hardship to (mostly disabled) tenants. Despite assurances from local councils that everything was being done to help the needy, there’s been a big underspend. Stroud Council paid only £97,000 of a £134,509 hardship fund, the rest was paid back to the government. Councillors should refuse to implement the bedroom tax, write off all bedroom tax related arrears, withdraw eviction orders and tackle the housing problem. We need affordable, decent and publicly owned social housing.

DEFEND COUNCIL JOBS, SERVICES, PAY and CONDITIONS – 1% wage increase a scandal Cameron says things are looking up: energy companies have seen huge increases in turnover & profits, bankers still get big bonuses, property developers got a helping hand from government, MPs get wage increases and still get away with ridiculous expenses. But what about working class people in Gloucestershire? Public sector & NHS workers will get their first pay increase in years – at half the rate of inflation. 60% of nurses will get nothing.

We campaign for a minimum wage you can live on – £10/hr

GAP BETWEEN RICH & POOR INCREASING food bank usage doubled in Gloucestershire last year, unemployment has not fallen & the harsh reality is disguised by many factors, including part-time & zero hour contracts, workfare & DWP sanctions. One local agency offered £4.50/hr. for assembly work in Stonehouse. No wonder so many working people have to claim benefits! The lie that most claimants are shirkers, scroungers or migrants is part of the old “divide and rule“strategy of the ruling class. All the main parties say austerity and benefit cuts must continue. Yet the money is there –councils have reserves, the rich are richer and Britain is the world’s sixth biggest economy.

We need a new party to represent working people

It’s not surprising nearly two-thirds of us don’t vote in local elections. Not one Labour council has refused to implement cuts. Individual councillors who did, have either been suspended or expelled from the Labour Party. The policies of New Labour prompted the late Bob Crow (Rail, Maritime & Transport Workers Union) to co-found TUSC AGAINST CUTS.

For more information contact TUSC on 07810 732379, tusc.glos@yahoo.com – or address below

Printed & promoted by Chris Moore, 3 Upper Dorrington Terrace, Field Road, Stroud. GL5 2JE













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