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SOCIALIST PARTY MEETING – FILM ON 1984-1985 Miners’ strike & the Battle for Orgeave – plus discussion at: THE EXCHANGE BRICK ROW STROUD 7.30 pm

The miners’ strike of 1984-85 was the longest and most bitter industrial dispute in the latter part of 20th century Britain . It had a huge impact on virtually every subsequent industrial and political development.The strike leaders – foremost of whom was Arthur Scargill – are still vilified, despite the fact that their claims have […]

Socialist Party meeting – Will Labour deliver on its promises – and if it did, what difference would this make? – Wed 22nd October 7.30 pm, Barton Community Centre, 199 Barton Street , Gloucester

Hundreds of thousands are striking and marching for better pay. The thorny question of a political voice for this struggle is also on thousands of minds. The victory of ex-Tory Douglas Carswell for Ukip in Clacton, and the narrow shave for Labour in Heywood, have set many workers’ thoughts racing. But a brilliant by-election result […]