Monthly Archives: February 2015

Stop the Incinerator – Burn the Cuts Budget! Socialist Party Statement

Once Gloucestershire County Council (GCC) had signed the 25 year contract for Urbaser Balfour Beatty (UBB) to build a Mass Burn Incineration (MBI) plant at Javelin Park near Stonehouse, the fuse was lit for a protracted battle which pitched corporate interests against those of the ordinary people of Gloucestershire. The heroic battle led by GlosVAIN […]

Meeting of the Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition in Gloucester – Monday 2 February 7.30 pm at the Old Crown, 81 Westgate Street

The General Election in May will be held together with local elections in England in over 6,000 council wards in 279 local authorities. The biggest cuts have been made to local public services, with councillors of ALL parties – Labour and Green as much as the Tories, Liberal Democrats and UKIP – meekly voting them […]