TUSC policies backed by voters

TUSC 3 CIRCLES LOGO & TUSC AGAINST CUTSThe Trade Union and Socialist Coalition’s election campaign has received a major boost following the publication of the results of a survey of 5000 voters in Greater Manchester. The results show clearly that of the six major parties contesting the general election, only TUSC’s manifesto is in line with the top demands of voters which were;
  1. Stop the cuts in Council services
  2. A wealth tax on the richest 1%
  3. A tax on the rich or business to properly fund the NHS
  4. Scrap the bedroom tax
  5. Cut rail fares and improve services
  6. More GPs
TUSC’s parliamentary candidate for Gloucester, Sue Powell said;
“The Manchester survey confirms what we know from our discussions with voters on the streets of Gloucestershire. People are sick of the establishment parties who all offer various shades of austerity and are completely out of touch with ordinary working people. TUSC is the only party prepared to tackle inequality, low wages and cuts in services. A vote for TUSC is a vote for a real alternative to the failing capitalist system. TUSC demands democratic public control of the major corporations so that the economy can be planned to meet the needs of the millions not the greed of the millionaires.”


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