BBC Radio Gloucestershire excludes anti-austerity coalition from election debate

TUSC 3 CIRCLES LOGO & TUSC AGAINST CUTSTUSC Gloucestershire have been informed that the TUSC candidate for MP in Gloucester, Sue Powell, is to be excluded from the forthcoming BBC Radio Gloucestershire election debate to be held at King’s School, Gloucester.
This is despite the fact that TUSC has national TV broadcasts across the 5 major channels on Friday 17th April.
Sue Powell said;
“This decision undermines democracy. It prevents the people of Gloucester from hearing the views of TUSC at a time when there is massive disillusionment with the establishment parties and a growing demand for alternatives to the austerity policies of Conservatives, Lib-Dems and Labour.
We demand that this decision is reversed out of respect for the people of Gloucester who deserve to have the opportunity to consider TUSC’s policies and hear from the only candidate who will be standing as a ‘Workers MP on a Workers Wage’. “
TUSC is a national coalition, standing more than 130 candidates in the general election and 600 in the local elections. TUSC’s policies include;
  • A £10 an hour minimum wage
  • An end to privatisation and cuts in public services
  • A fully funded publically run NHS
  • Nationalisation of public transport, energy companies and other privatised public services
  • No to Academies, Free Schools and an end to tuition fees and the provision of grants for higher education
  • A massive expansion in affordable public housing

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