SOCIALIST PARTY MEETING – CRISIS in GREECE – Weds 1st JULY, 7.30pm at the Friendship Café @ Chequers, Painswick Road, Gloucester

the IMF is demanding a €1.6bn (£1.1bn) payment by Tuesday – the Troika (the EU, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund) want to impose further austerity measures ( their proposals sketched out here), What options does the Syriza government now have? They made concessions and have called a referendum: what are the implications if the Greek people say “No”? If they say “yes” could this mean the end of Syriza and where would that leave the Greek workers in the struggle against austerity?
The demands for “reforms” placed on Greece by the bankers and the EU are essentially the same as we have been experiencing in Britain – though far more severe. There are important parallels between the struggle against the troika in Greece and the fight against austerity here. The capitalist system is facing its greatest crisis since the 1930s and its response has been to inflict unemployment, wage cuts and benefit cuts across Europe.

Troika must be defied – No more cuts! Don’t pay the debt!

It is clear that the Troika not only want to see SYRIZA capitulate over a deal but also want to humiliate the party and Greek people. They want to send a powerful message to the working class of other indebted Eurozone countries, like Spain, Portugal and Ireland, and to the working class of the entire continent; any political opposition to the austerity agenda will not be tolerated. What are Greek socialists demanding, how are they organising a fight back? We are organised together in the Committee for a Workers International – what would we in their situation?

Speaker Robin Clapp, South-West Socialist Party regional organiser


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