SOCIALIST PARTY MEETING – Europe: What solutions to austerity do old left parties & new movements offer? – Thursday 26 November 7.30pm, Ale House, John Street Stroud

Cuts and austerity are on the agenda across Europe. What solutions do the old left parties and new movements offer? Which demands and campaigns are effective? Why did Syriza back down – was there an alternative?
In the past few months the socialist left has made electoral gains in some countries; in others, social democratic parties have been overtaken by the right.  The movement in Greece was inspiring and uplifting, but where did it take the magnificent anti-austerity fight back? What lessons can be learned from Syriza, Podemos in Spain, the water tax campaign in Ireland, Sanders in the US?  Does the Icelandic “Parliament of the Street” – the newly formed umbrella organisation of activist and grass-root organisations who’ve ignited mass protest in Reykjavik – offer a glimpse of the future?
All welcome!
 Thursday 26 November, 7.30 p.m. Ale House, John Street Stroud

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