SOCIALIST PARTY MEETING: What can unions do to save our NHS? – Thurs 6th October, 7:30 pm, Lansdown Gallery, STROUD GL5 1BB

Some people still think that privatisation of the NHS is inconceivable. Yet for decades the Tories have targeted this sector, relentlessly increasing workloads, driving down wages and conditions, and privatising services.

The NHS has been under a barrage of attacks and in 2012 new government legislation opened up the health sector to market forces. Since then 40% of all NHS contracts have gone to private providers, more than 30 NHS maternity and A&E units have been closed or downgraded since the last election. By 2020, 40% of the NHS will have been privatised.

Unite the Union has called for coordinated strike action involving doctors, public sector workers and teachers. The junior doctors have fought valiantly and took strike action as a last resort. The new contracts are unsafe and unfair. Doctors fear for patient safety and the future of the NHS.

Discussion on what should the TUC and trade union movement be doing to back the junior doctors.

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