Socialist Party Meeting – Thurs 27th July: “A Socialist solution to the war & turmoil in the Middle East” – 7.30 pm, THE EXCHANGE, BRICK ROW, STROUD

Chris Moore will be speaking on developments in the Middle East: the instability and devastation in the region as a consequence of various imperialist interventions including two US-led Gulf wars; how the lack of workers’ organisations and the weakness of the left has allowed reactionary forces to create bloody civil war in Syria and Yemen; the support given by Western forces to Jihadist groups and repressive regimes; recent developments in international relations; and, most importantly, how the only solution to any of these problems lies with the unity of the working class behind a socialist programme – “Working-class unity… will provide the only lasting solution to the rule of sectarian terror and the terrorist rule of rent, profit and interest” (Peter Taaffe).

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