Socialist Party Meeting – Thurs 7th Sept: “McStrike: Fighting Low Pay in 2017” – 7.30 pm, at the Old Crown, 81 Westgate Street, Gloucester

On Monday 4th September McDonald’s workers took strike action for the first time ever in this country. These workers have set an inspiring example by organising to fight zero-hour contracts, low pay and bullying management. One of the strikers spoke of McDonald’s workers “all over the country, ready to stand up”.

The organised working class has the potential to be the most powerful force in society – the only force capable of ending insecure work and low pay once and for all. Socialists link the day-to-day struggles of workers to the need for society to be completely transformed in the interests of the overwhelming majority – for the corrupt profit-seeking elite to be removed from power and for the economy to instead be democratically planned and owned by everyone. This transformation can only be achieved by a powerful and united workers’ movement, and the first step towards building that movement is for workers to stand up and fight for their rights. This is what is being done by the McDonald’s workers in Crawford and Cambridge, and by workers in a number of other important strikes currently ongoing in the UK.

On Thursday 7th September, at the Old Crown, Westgate Street, Gloucester, at 7.30 the Socialist Party will be meeting to discuss these disputes and the wider struggle against low pay, poor working conditions and the disaster of Austerity Britain. Socialist and trade union activist Sue Powell will be speaking about how the working class have organised to fight for their rights throughout the history of capitalism, and how we can fight and win in 2017.

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