Gloucestershire Socialist Party is a branch of the Socialist Party which is the English and Welsh section of the Committee for a Workers’ International, a worldwide revolutionary democratic socialist organisation with parties and groups in 40 countries across the globe.

We can be contacted at: glossocialistparty[at]yahoo.co.uk

We are a very active branch which meets every week in Gloucester or Stroud, as well as campaigning on the streets against cuts, building support for socialist ideas and selling our weekly paper The Socialist.

We have been consistently campaigning for many years against cuts to jobs and services, we hold a stall in Stroud every Saturday – in all weathers!

We stand candidates in elections as part of the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition, candidates of which pledge to refuse to support cuts and fight for socialist policies.

If you think capitalism is a rotten system which, while destroying the planet, results in enormous wealth for a tiny minority of the population and low pay, exploitation and poverty for the rest of us then why not do something about it?

Socialism offers an alternative based on struggle and solidarity of working class people and the opressed in society, where the wealth produced by working people is used to improve the living standards of the majority.

Capitalism is an unstable system based on production for profit, not social need and is inherently volatile and unstable. Working class people will fight against attacks on our living standards through industrial action, strikes etc. But in order to change things fundamentally we need a party which is democratic and has a programme for socialist change.

That is why we urge you to consider joining the Socialist Party and join us in the struggle for a new society!

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