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SOCIALIST PARTY MEETING – “What happened in Cologne on 31 Dec, how it changed German politics. Sexism, racism & the rise of the far right” – Thursday 28 January, 7.30pm, Friendship Cafe@Chequers, Painswick Road, Gloucester

What’s happening in Germany? The German left – fighting racism and sexism How sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve have caused a shift in German politics ..refugees, racism, sexism and the reaction of political parties on left and right. Sue Powell – who worked with refugees in Germany – will introduce this topic. Sue contributed to an […]

SOCIALIST PARTY MEETING – Europe: What solutions to austerity do old left parties & new movements offer? – Thursday 26 November 7.30pm, Ale House, John Street Stroud

Cuts and austerity are on the agenda across Europe. What solutions do the old left parties and new movements offer? Which demands and campaigns are effective? Why did Syriza back down – was there an alternative? In the past few months the socialist left has made electoral gains in some countries; in others, social democratic […]

SOCIALIST PARTY MEETING – Thurs 29th Oct, 7.30 pm – “Identity politics & the struggle against oppression”. The Ale House, 9 John St, Stroud GL5 2HA

Many people are radicalised by their experience of sexism, racism, homophobia or due to discrimination due to their disabilities or age. But does focusing on specific or single issues offer a solution?

SOCIALIST PARTY MEETING – CRISIS in GREECE – Weds 1st JULY, 7.30pm at the Friendship Café @ Chequers, Painswick Road, Gloucester

CRISIS in GREECE – the IMF is demanding a €1.6bn (£1.1bn) payment by Tuesday – the Troika (the EU, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund) want to impose further austerity measures ( their proposals sketched out here), What options does the Syriza government now have? They made concessions and have called a […]

Thanks to everyone who voted against cuts & privatisation!

Gloucestershire’s Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition candidates would like to thank the 630 voters who supported us. Nationwide, TUSC’s bold no cuts, no privatisation message gained at least 100,000 votes. Now we want to translate these votes into active support and campaigns. The figures may not look brilliant alongside the results of other parties but […]

BBC Radio Gloucestershire excludes anti-austerity coalition from election debate

TUSC Gloucestershire have been informed that the TUSC candidate for MP in Gloucester, Sue Powell, is to be excluded from the forthcoming BBC Radio Gloucestershire election debate to be held at King’s School, Gloucester. This is despite the fact that TUSC has national TV broadcasts across the 5 major channels on Friday 17th April. Sue […]

TUSC policies backed by voters

The Trade Union and Socialist Coalition’s election campaign has received a major boost following the publication of the results of a survey of 5000 voters in Greater Manchester. The results show clearly that of the six major parties contesting the general election, only TUSC’s manifesto is in line with the top demands of voters which […]