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SOCIALIST PARTY MEETING – CRISIS in GREECE – Weds 1st JULY, 7.30pm at the Friendship Café @ Chequers, Painswick Road, Gloucester

CRISIS in GREECE – the IMF is demanding a €1.6bn (£1.1bn) payment by Tuesday – the Troika (the EU, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund) want to impose further austerity measures ( their proposals sketched out here), What options does the Syriza government now have? They made concessions and have called a […]

Thanks to everyone who voted against cuts & privatisation!

Gloucestershire’s Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition candidates would like to thank the 630 voters who supported us. Nationwide, TUSC’s bold no cuts, no privatisation message gained at least 100,000 votes. Now we want to translate these votes into active support and campaigns. The figures may not look brilliant alongside the results of other parties but […]

BBC Radio Gloucestershire excludes anti-austerity coalition from election debate

TUSC Gloucestershire have been informed that the TUSC candidate for MP in Gloucester, Sue Powell, is to be excluded from the forthcoming BBC Radio Gloucestershire election debate to be held at King’s School, Gloucester. This is despite the fact that TUSC has national TV broadcasts across the 5 major channels on Friday 17th April. Sue […]

TUSC policies backed by voters

The Trade Union and Socialist Coalition’s election campaign has received a major boost following the publication of the results of a survey of 5000 voters in Greater Manchester. The results show clearly that of the six major parties contesting the general election, only TUSC’s manifesto is in line with the top demands of voters which […]

TUSC – the only real anti-establishment choice for voters

The Trade Union and Socialist Coalition’s (TUSC) parliamentary candidate for Gloucester, Sue Powell, has put forward TUSC’s credentials as the only anti-establishment party fighting the May elections in Gloucestershire. Sue said; “People are sick of the establishment parties. They compete to manage the capitalist system for the 1% who own most of the wealth. The […]

TUSC Gloucestershire launches election campaign

The Trade Union and Socialist Coalition in Gloucestershire has launched its election campaign. TUSC will give voters the opportunity to vote against austerity and for candidates who will stand up for the 99% and not the millionaires. Sue Powell, standing for MP in Gloucester, will be a ‘Workers MP on a Workers Wage’, taking only […]

Press release on Osborne`s pre-election budget – The 1% ‘walk tall’ while the 99% are bowed by austerity

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) Chair and ex-Labour MP Dave Nellist said: “Hoping to gain a few extra votes, the Chancellor has tried to sell this budget as a little relief from the endless austerity he has offered up for the last five years. It is nothing of the sort. The coalition once again […]

SOCIALIST PARTY MEETING Weds 11th March – Do the Greens offer a real alternative? – THE EXCHANGE, BRICK ROW STROUD 7.30 pm

Someone recently asked if comparing Labour and the Tories wasn’t a bit like comparing chalk and cheese? Isn’t it true that millions of us think “they’re all the same”? But what about the Green Party? They care about the natural environment, promise to build more homes, transform transport & create green jobs. Demands we’d support. […]

Gloucestershire launch meeting of the Trade Unionist & Socialist Against Cuts – Monday 2 March 7.30 pm at the Dick Whittington, Westgate Street, Gloucester opposite Shire Hall

The county launch meeting of TUSC`s (Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition) 2015 anti-austerity election campaign is taking place in Gloucester, where TUSC is standing a parliamentary candidate in addition to local election candidates. TUSC also has local candidates standing in Stroud District, Forest of Dean, and Tewkesbury Borough Council elections at present. Could you be […]

Stop the Incinerator – Burn the Cuts Budget! Socialist Party Statement

Once Gloucestershire County Council (GCC) had signed the 25 year contract for Urbaser Balfour Beatty (UBB) to build a Mass Burn Incineration (MBI) plant at Javelin Park near Stonehouse, the fuse was lit for a protracted battle which pitched corporate interests against those of the ordinary people of Gloucestershire. The heroic battle led by GlosVAIN […]